Is Search Engine Marketing for you?

One of the fastest and very effective ways you could get immediate exposure for your online business is to create a search engine marketing campaign. It can also be one of the quickest ways you could flush a lot of money down the drain. Don't let that scare you away from a very effective way of promoting your business.

Thousands of businesses see immediate increases in leads and sales from Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, among others. Search Engine Marketing, also known as Pay Per Click Marketing, can be a powerful tool if your advertising manager understands the ins and outs of the advertising services. Yet many businesses have wasted thousands by attempting to manage online advertising campaigns themselves. Have you made this mistake?

Grais Web Marketing provides clients with experienced and effective Search Engine Marketing services. We manage our clients' campaigns with an eye on return on investment and focus on conversion. Your traffic must not only make it to your site, it must convert to a lead or customer for it to pay off for you. Tracking your visitors and your results is a must because it makes the difference in assisting your business investment to create a return. Testing for what works provides the feedback you need to ensure your online business profits.

Unlike just publishing an ad in a newspaper or magazine, online advertising can provide fast feedback. You no longer have to guess and hope for results. Getting professional assistance for your online campaigns will optimize your search marketing profits quickly and grow it over the longer term.

Grais Web Marketing will do the keyword research necessary that will lead to an effective program for your business. Once keywords are established, we'll set up your campaign and begin the optimization process of bidding strategies and ad writing. After the program is launched, we closely monitor and optimize the campaign(s) to develop the best returns. The programs are then maintained and continue to be tweaked to improve performance. This is all done for a very reasonable initial set up fee and monthly maintenance.

For qualified clients, performance plans are also available that takes the risk out of investing in Search Marketing, basing compensation on results.

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"Since working with Shawn, I have seen a considerable increase in the traffic both in Click throughs and quality of leads that come in... My business has doubled as a result and I have a much better view of where my marketing dollars are going. My advice to anyone building a real online business is to hire someone who knows how, and Shawn is the person to choose."

Robert Coffy