Are You Serious about Your Online Business?

Have you built your website expecting visitors to stream in, looking for your products or services? Do you have a NICE looking site with slick navigation and lots of great snippets of your products or services? Maybe you have even paid the developers and forgotten about your web site because its 'out of site, out of mind'.

How's that working for you?

The internet is filled with millions of websites. And likely there are hundreds or thousands that are in the same business as you. So, can you really expect to boost your business with that website?

YES! Of course you can!

In 2008, internet businesses sold many Billions of dollars of goods and services through the internet. Yet most businesses don't know how to take advantage of the millions of potential customers online. Why? Usually, because they treat their online business like a web site instead of a business. An online presence is a serious part of your business. If you wish sell anything online, then it IS your business. So, just like any offline business, you must constantly work on improving your "presence" and promoting your business.

Your Business Success is Important.

Strategic Optimization Services begin with your goals as the basis for developing strategies to promote your business online. Focus is created from the strategic plan on Return on Investment through tracking and conversion. All elements of your web site, business strategy, and sales process is reviewed to align and optimize the Strategic Optimization Services for your online business.

eMarketing Optimization Services

Get help for your online business drive qualified traffic today
  • Do you know who your visitors are?
  • Is your online presence getting any attention?
  • Are you even listed in the search engines?
  • Are your visitors converting to customers?
  • Does your online investment create a Return on Investment?

Begin to discover the positive approach to growing your online business with our eMarketing Optimization plan.

  • You'd like to pull traffic to your site now?
  • Is traffic coming far too slowly?
  • Don't know if you're getting the right visitors?
  • Can't tell if your advertising is working?
  • Can't wait for search engines to find you?

  • Learn how Search Marketing can begin bringing qualified prospects to you in hours.


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What our clients say:

"Since working with Shawn, I have seen a considerable increase in the traffic both in Click throughs and quality of leads that come in... My business has doubled as a result and I have a much better view of where my marketing dollars are going. My advice to anyone building a real online business is to hire someone who knows how, and Shawn is the person to choose."

Robert Coffy