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You're in the business of providing products or services to your customers, right? In order to do that, you must either go out and find those customers or have them come to you. Would it be easier for you if your customers came knocking on your door? Of course! Then you could focus more on providing better products or services to your customers.

But, how do you get your customers to come to you? Well, in the brick and mortar world, you advertise in traditional media or put a large sign up outside your business. Yet, you never really know if your advertising investment is paying off. The internet helps solve that problem and provides a huge source of potential customers that can come knocking on your door. A website has been typically used as a fancy business card and brochure, in the past. Today, what works is to promote your business website and build it so it pulls prospects in and converts them to real customers.

Really? So, how DO YOU take advantage of your website to build your business? You make your website create new business by providing value to your visitors and walk them through your site to the point where they actually purchase or contact you directly. You're the expert in your business. So you simply provide the information your prospects are looking for, and while you're at it you lead them through your site by asking them to take action. Sound too simple? Well, it is simple as long as you know how to put it all together.

That's where our Strategic Optimization Services (SOS) come in. Many businesses look for an SEO (search engine optimization) expert to help drive traffic (visitors) to their site. Unfortunately, that falls short of building your business. You need more than traffic. You need an encompassing strategy to pull prospects into your website, then lead those prospects to a decision to buy or contact you. SOS creates a strategy for each client that utilizes SEO best practices, optimizes your website to keep your prospects on your site, and develops a conversion strategy to convert your 'visitors' to customers.

Strategic Optimization is the development of a strategic plan specifically for your business. Included in that plan is site content development, best usability practices, onsite and offsite search engine optimization, sales funnel development, and visit and conversion tracking. The Plan is developed based on your business goals and is evaluated and adapted as it is being implemented. Tracking results and making relatively quick changes in strategy is the greatest advantage of marketing on the internet.

The Strategic Optimization Plan is a long term strategy for building your business. Short term results are attained and aid in the further development of the long term goals. Just like your overall business, without long term strategy and investment, consistent results are difficult to obtain. Approaching your online marketing with a long term mindset will help you develop a long term successful business.

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"Since working with Shawn, I have seen a considerable increase in the traffic both in Click throughs and quality of leads that come in... My business has doubled as a result and I have a much better view of where my marketing dollars are going. My advice to anyone building a real online business is to hire someone who knows how, and Shawn is the person to choose."

Robert Coffy